IMG_1049I am writing this blog because I have been learning about London. London is in England. London is an exciting place to live in as it’s a developed city. It’s a city that has famous landmarks, businesses, and people from all over the world. My favourite thing about London is that I can eat so many different foods in restaurants.

Some languages people speak is Bengali, French, Spanish, and Urdu. Our currency is pounds and our population is 8.982 million. The British museum is one of the most famous museum and it has the things that happened in the past and everyone goes there.Greenwich is a place where you can go to because you can do shopping there.

Finally, Tower Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in London and it open when a big boat needs to pass through. London eye is also something you can ride on and it’s a fun ride to see the landmarks of London.

London is a pleasant place to live in but everything is expensive and to live there you’d have to have a trillion pounds, especially central London.

By Ibrahim


The Secret Mountain Expedition

There was once a boy named Ralph. He loves climbing mountains (although he was never allowed or old enough.) He was also a scout and hadn’t got his mountain climbing badge yet. He had been waiting very impatiently for his mum to allow him to climb a mountain. One day Ralph asked his mum, ” I know you won’t let me but can I climb the mountain? I’ll even tell you some facts that I know. We live next to mount Fuji and it’s 3776 meters. Also, it is classified as an active volcano, which means it can still erupt.”

“That’s all great to know,” replied the mum, “But, you’re NOT allowed. I told you several times that you do not have the right gear and you are not old enough.”

“But,” whimpered Ralph.

”NO buts!” shouted Ralph’s mum.

That night, Ralph thought of an idea. He decided to sneak out of the window. He packed his camping bag with food, water, and clothes and used his rope to get down to the ground. Then, he put 5 pairs of gloves on and he was only going to go up to 100 meters because he would freeze to death if he went 3776 meters up to the peak of the mountain. However, he will do that when he is older, he thought.

Setting off and already feeling hungry, Ralph had had dinner 3 hours ago, he knew he had to do it. He took an egg and cress bread because he needed to be healthy and fit to go up 100 meters. Climbing up one stone at time with a small axe to hold up, Ralph kept on climbing until he suddenly stopped.

As he was going up, he was breathless and was feeling thirsty for water. This is when the big mountain range rumbled. He saw a giant patch of snow coming down from the top and he had to quickly find a different path as he feared the snow would bring him down. Luckily, he caught the sight of a grappling hook that had been used by extreme sports enthusiasts and shot it over the patch of snow, then pulled himself up.IMG_6688

Bleep! What was that? It was the tracking device on Ralph’s phone showing he was 100 metres high . He used his grappling hook and pulled himself down to the ground and when he came through the back door, it was morning. He knew exactly what would happen.’

“RALPH!” screamed mum, “What have you been doing?”

“I climbed the mountain,” said Ralph proudly.


By Ibrahim

More Fair Trade in the Markets


Dear sir/madam,

I am writing to you because I want to ask you to put more Fair Trade products in your shop/market. Within my letter, I aim to explain that Fair Trade means that producers will get paid for making the products and farmers won’t get exploited.

IMG_9949Firstly, I feel that giving farmers a fair price is important because farmers don’t always earn the right amount of money to live their life. In addition to this, developing countries only get paid 5 to 10p and do you think thats enough? Well, I don’t think so. Furthermore, Fair Trade can let the poorest farmers feed their families, eat, drink clean water and afford medicines.

Thank you for reading my persuasive letter. I really hope you put more Fair Trade products on the shelves in your shop.

Yours sincerely,


PS: When I visited the market during the quarantine time, I only saw some bananas and barely any coffee with Fair Trade logo.


Chronicle of Coronavirus – Part II LOCKDOWN

Hello fellow isolators,

This is going to be the next part of my chronicles of the coronavirus. My previous blog was about how we are in the isolation phase but recently we have been encouraged to go into full lockdown and only go out when necessary. (e.g. Buying food and essentials).Ok – I’m not going to bore you with the COVId-19 information and how many people are in hospital etc. You all know that and probably don’t want to hear it again.

But I think a lot of people are wondering when this pandemic is going to finish and while we are at home, what are we meant to do? Well, there are loads of things to keep ourselves busy and hopefully a bit positive in this gloomy period! Here is a list of activities you can do:

  • Origami
  • Knitting
  • Sewing
  • Cleaning ( there is no excuse!)
  • Cooking (ask an adult before you do this!)
  • Baking (ask an adult before you do this too!)
  • Lego!
  • Plant a tree
  • Play in the garden! (if you have one)
  • Play Ludo online against your family/cousins! (if you can…)
art fan object orange
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán

If you don’t know how to do some of these things, this lockdown gives us a chance to learn. Google them…YouTube them…talk to someone who might know who can send you a video. You can do something to find out and get started!

But don’t sit around all the time. Do some exercise. At school we have weekly PE sessions and some of you might have gone to the gym. But while we are at home, we aren’t really doing the exercise properly and for as long as we would. Exercise is really important for us because it helps to lose weight and lower the risk of diseases. You can go onto youtube and follow a video if you are struggling to do it on your own. My suggestion: Joe Wicks. He does daily sessions and lot of people have been doing his workouts and are finding that it really helps. Do some cleaning around the house, may be sort your wardrobe which you haven’t been able to get to when you were at school or working. Or if you live in a house with a shed and you really need to clean it out here’s the time. Use this lockdown phase to really get yourself ahead of things and refresh.

Some of us might be really worried about lockdown and how we are all stuck at home, but you can do lots of things to take your mind off it. You won’t get this time again, so make use of it. Most importantly, stay positive. As the Queen said, ‘We’ll get through this!” 


What I did in Tunisia

I am writing this blog because I would like to tell you all a little about life in Tunisia, an African country. I am thinking about the fun I had whilst being in social isolation during my last holiday.

On my journey to Tunisia, my dad’s friend dropped us off at the airport. At the airport, my mum, dad, my big sister and I had lunch. My family and I prayed in the multi- faith prayer room even though the prayer room was very crowded. After that, we had to wait in the departure lounge for our flight to come. The flight was delayed so we had to wait 20 minutes more. We finally got on the plane and there was traffic on the plane road. The plane took off and at dinner time I ate rice with fish. When I got there, a  kind Tunisian lady drove us to our house. As we drove to the house I noticed some lemon and orange trees outside every house. It was the same outside the house we stayed in.

We stayed there for 10 days and every morning at 8 o’clock I went to an arabic class and we had tours going to different places each day. One place we visited was an olive tree farm and I had the chance to pick some olives and then I saw how it was pressed and made into olive oil in a factory. It smelt very oily! We also had a very delicious meal at a Tunisian family house, which was in a farm. That was a very fun visit.

I also visited the Tunisian House of Parliament and had an inside tour by some MPs. They also answered questions and we took photos inside and outside the Parliament. People were very friendly. I wander where the president was at that time…

Another thing about Tunisia was the houses and building were white and blue. Although some of these houses were old, they looked very new and good to look at because of the colours. One place we visited was the most beautiful on the hill right next to the sea and we had Tunisian doughnuts (and they were very big). Delicious!

Before I returned home from Tunisia, I made sure I picked some juicy lemons and oranges to give to my grandmas and some for us to have.

You should visit Tunisia because there’s lots of sites to visit and the houses (including the inside) is decorative!

A Tunisian house in white and blue
Picking olives for pressing at the olive oil factory




Chronicles of Coronavirus – social isolation phase

I know you have all been hearing and been talking about the coronavirus these past few weeks. So you all know that life has changed and we are having to stay at home more than usual. Schools have had to be closed and most people haven’t been able to go to work because they have either got the virus and are in isolation or because their work places have been shut down. They may have had to start doing work at home.

Quite a lot of people have been worrying about supplies as the shipment coming from the countries especially China, are being very strict so as not to spread the virus. TOP TIP! Go to small corner shops (not TESCO, ASDA or Sainsbury’s) to hopefully find some loose packets of pasta or toilet roll. Also, because of these schools closing down and people going into isolation, hospitals are getting busy, staff are getting stressed and teachers are taking time to upload classwork online. Yup. We are NOT getting a free holiday.

So what is this coronavirus or covid-19? (See my brother’s previous blog for a simpler explanation!) The symptoms of coronavirus is very similar to flu, you can get a cough and a high temperature and also find it harder to breathe (if you think you have the virus or you have any symptoms listed, DO NOT go out but call 111 and go into self-isolation for 14 days. Only if you live on your own, you can self isolate for 7 days)

The main reason why these drastic measures are taking place is so that we don’t spread the virus even more than it already has. Covid-19 is contagious and is even life threatening for some groups of people. For example, the elderly or people with other health issues. For example, your grandparents are at possible high risk as are


people over 60. Children and adults who have health problems are at risk too.

BUT, there is a way to stop it. We need to keep washing our hands with warm water for 20 seconds. The more we keep clean and keep the nasty germs away the less time it will take for us to go back to doing our jobs and to go back to school. Try to keep away from large groups of people too like cinemas, restaurants and big parties. There will be lots more news coming up so keep on the lookout!

Maryam Shefaar





Coronavirus (covid19) is an illness that gives you a dry cough. It also gives you a fever and a runny nose. It’s contagious, which means that it spreads. People have been asked to wash their hands and not to touch other people and dirty things. The Prime Minister has said that this has been the worst thing that’s happened since World War II. He’s asked everyone to keep washing and not go to big gatherings.

After listening to Boris Jonson, a lot of people have started to wear masks, stopped going to sports events, and some people have started to go to the shops and get lots of supplies. In school, kids have been using the hand sanitiser and washing with water in the toilets. We had assemblies about covid19 and we were given information about keeping safe from the coronavirus.

Many children are worried about this situation. Their worry is that they are going to catch the virus and become ill. But if you keep washing and not touch other people you won’t catch it. Be helpful by giving people supplies and take medication. Also, don’t forget to pray.

By Ibrahim

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My time at Cayley so far…

After the Christmas holiday, I moved to a new school. This blog is about my time at Cayley so far.

The name of my class is 4A and every year group’s classes are  A, B, and C. For example 4A ,4B and 4C. My teacher is Abu-Yusuf and there are others too. At Cayley so far, I go to assembly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  After Registration, we go to assembly at 9:10am. At break time, the staff give bagels in a box while children get in a line. After that, we have English and then it’s lunch time.

The chidren in my class welcomed me when I first came to the class by helping me do my work and also they were friendly to me.  My best friend is called A and we both play with each other every day.  My other friends are named Z, A, and A and we play tag and we just chat a lot about random things.

On Thursdays, we have music in the afternoon but before that my class and I use  the laptops. The music teacher comes in after that and teaches us to play the recorder. Most afternoons, we do Topic and my current topic is the Tudors and King Henry VIII. I go to swimming with another class to Mile End Leisure Centre.

Every Friday, we go to the Library in the afternoons. Each table in my class goes to the library at a time because we have topic at the same time. Also, on Friday for lunch, I would sometimes get chicken and rice, burger, or fish and chips. On Mondays, I eat meatballs, or meat spaghetti.

It has been impressive at Cayley so far, and I am looking forward to go to a trip.



Review of the Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz was originally written by L. Frank Baum. It has become a classic children’s book which is loved by adults and children alike.

This book is about a girl called Dorothy who was out of her home when there was a tornado. She hits her head and falls into a dream that sends her to the magical land of Oz. There, she meets Glinda [a good witch] and the Munchkins. After she had a bit of fun, she realises she needs to go home. So Dorothy goes on a quest to find the great Wizard of Oz. To get to her home, Kansas, she must seek his help.

I think it’s good movie and it has a very imaginative storyline. If there was more to it, the story would probably be a bit too much and spoil the story. In the movie, the first scene is in black and white. All the rest is in colour. This  is a good effect because it shows reality and dream.

fileThe most famous song in this movie is ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. Dorothy sings it when she is feeling down and wants something a bit exciting in her life. The animals/men she meets have songs as well.

‘If I had a brain’, ‘If I had the nerve’ and ‘If I had a heart’ are some songs that the Tin man, The Scarecrow and The Lion sing about what they want from the Wizard of Oz. People like these songs because they have movement and a bright atmosphere.

I can’t really pick out a big negative because overall it’s a good story and is possibly perfect  as it has actions, sadness and excitement all in one! My rating is 9/10.

Thank you for reading this and that’s the end of  my review.

Blog by Maryam

PS: We performed the story in our Year 6 Leavers School Performance and I was the evil witch (Wicked Witch of the West)




Why should you play with lego?

I am writing this blog because I want to persuade you to play with lego. First of all, lego is a fun toy to play with. You can buy lego from the Lego shop, Westfield, Disney and they come with instructions. You can buy odd lego with any pieces and make anything you want. If  you know that your lego will break because it’s wobbly, then keep your instructions and you can make it again. Inside your lego box, there are spare lego pieces if you lose some of them.

Lego teaches you to follow instructfileions because every time I get lego, I copy the instructions. Sometimes you feel like giving up but no matter what, you still have to keep trying. When I was making an avengers set, it took me the whole day and night but I still didn’t give up. When I finished, I felt exhausted and happy as well.

The reason why I got into lego is because I like making things. My favourite lego is avengers. You can also order lego from the internet. You can make cars, animals, men, women and things that you can open and close. You can buy avengers lego, ninjago lego, and last of all lego friends.


By Ibrahim