IMG_1049I am writing this blog because I have been learning about London. London is in England. London is an exciting place to live in as it’s a developed city. It’s a city that has famous landmarks, businesses, and people from all over the world. My favourite thing about London is that I can eat so many different foods in restaurants.

Some languages people speak is Bengali, French, Spanish, and Urdu. Our currency is pounds and our population is 8.982 million. The British museum is one of the most famous museum and it has the things that happened in the past and everyone goes there.Greenwich is a place where you can go to because you can do shopping there.

Finally, Tower Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in London and it open when a big boat needs to pass through. London eye is also something you can ride on and it’s a fun ride to see the landmarks of London.

London is a pleasant place to live in but everything is expensive and to live there you’d have to have a trillion pounds, especially central London.

By Ibrahim


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