The Secret Mountain Expedition

There was once a boy named Ralph. He loves climbing mountains (although he was never allowed or old enough.) He was also a scout and hadn’t got his mountain climbing badge yet. He had been waiting very impatiently for his mum to allow him to climb a mountain. One day Ralph asked his mum, ” I know you won’t let me but can I climb the mountain? I’ll even tell you some facts that I know. We live next to mount Fuji and it’s 3776 meters. Also, it is classified as an active volcano, which means it can still erupt.”

“That’s all great to know,” replied the mum, “But, you’re NOT allowed. I told you several times that you do not have the right gear and you are not old enough.”

“But,” whimpered Ralph.

”NO buts!” shouted Ralph’s mum.

That night, Ralph thought of an idea. He decided to sneak out of the window. He packed his camping bag with food, water, and clothes and used his rope to get down to the ground. Then, he put 5 pairs of gloves on and he was only going to go up to 100 meters because he would freeze to death if he went 3776 meters up to the peak of the mountain. However, he will do that when he is older, he thought.

Setting off and already feeling hungry, Ralph had had dinner 3 hours ago, he knew he had to do it. He took an egg and cress bread because he needed to be healthy and fit to go up 100 meters. Climbing up one stone at time with a small axe to hold up, Ralph kept on climbing until he suddenly stopped.

As he was going up, he was breathless and was feeling thirsty for water. This is when the big mountain range rumbled. He saw a giant patch of snow coming down from the top and he had to quickly find a different path as he feared the snow would bring him down. Luckily, he caught the sight of a grappling hook that had been used by extreme sports enthusiasts and shot it over the patch of snow, then pulled himself up.IMG_6688

Bleep! What was that? It was the tracking device on Ralph’s phone showing he was 100 metres high . He used his grappling hook and pulled himself down to the ground and when he came through the back door, it was morning. He knew exactly what would happen.’

“RALPH!” screamed mum, “What have you been doing?”

“I climbed the mountain,” said Ralph proudly.


By Ibrahim


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