Chronicle of Coronavirus – Part II LOCKDOWN

Hello fellow isolators,

This is going to be the next part of my chronicles of the coronavirus. My previous blog was about how we are in the isolation phase but recently we have been encouraged to go into full lockdown and only go out when necessary. (e.g. Buying food and essentials).Ok – I’m not going to bore you with the COVId-19 information and how many people are in hospital etc. You all know that and probably don’t want to hear it again.

But I think a lot of people are wondering when this pandemic is going to finish and while we are at home, what are we meant to do? Well, there are loads of things to keep ourselves busy and hopefully a bit positive in this gloomy period! Here is a list of activities you can do:

  • Origami
  • Knitting
  • Sewing
  • Cleaning ( there is no excuse!)
  • Cooking (ask an adult before you do this!)
  • Baking (ask an adult before you do this too!)
  • Lego!
  • Plant a tree
  • Play in the garden! (if you have one)
  • Play Ludo online against your family/cousins! (if you can…)
art fan object orange
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán

If you don’t know how to do some of these things, this lockdown gives us a chance to learn. Google them…YouTube them…talk to someone who might know who can send you a video. You can do something to find out and get started!

But don’t sit around all the time. Do some exercise. At school we have weekly PE sessions and some of you might have gone to the gym. But while we are at home, we aren’t really doing the exercise properly and for as long as we would. Exercise is really important for us because it helps to lose weight and lower the risk of diseases. You can go onto youtube and follow a video if you are struggling to do it on your own. My suggestion: Joe Wicks. He does daily sessions and lot of people have been doing his workouts and are finding that it really helps. Do some cleaning around the house, may be sort your wardrobe which you haven’t been able to get to when you were at school or working. Or if you live in a house with a shed and you really need to clean it out here’s the time. Use this lockdown phase to really get yourself ahead of things and refresh.

Some of us might be really worried about lockdown and how we are all stuck at home, but you can do lots of things to take your mind off it. You won’t get this time again, so make use of it. Most importantly, stay positive. As the Queen said, ‘We’ll get through this!” 



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