What I did in Tunisia

I am writing this blog because I would like to tell you all a little about life in Tunisia, an African country. I am thinking about the fun I had whilst being in social isolation during my last holiday.

On my journey to Tunisia, my dad’s friend dropped us off at the airport. At the airport, my mum, dad, my big sister and I had lunch. My family and I prayed in the multi- faith prayer room even though the prayer room was very crowded. After that, we had to wait in the departure lounge for our flight to come. The flight was delayed so we had to wait 20 minutes more. We finally got on the plane and there was traffic on the plane road. The plane took off and at dinner time I ate rice with fish. When I got there, a  kind Tunisian lady drove us to our house. As we drove to the house I noticed some lemon and orange trees outside every house. It was the same outside the house we stayed in.

We stayed there for 10 days and every morning at 8 o’clock I went to an arabic class and we had tours going to different places each day. One place we visited was an olive tree farm and I had the chance to pick some olives and then I saw how it was pressed and made into olive oil in a factory. It smelt very oily! We also had a very delicious meal at a Tunisian family house, which was in a farm. That was a very fun visit.

I also visited the Tunisian House of Parliament and had an inside tour by some MPs. They also answered questions and we took photos inside and outside the Parliament. People were very friendly. I wander where the president was at that time…

Another thing about Tunisia was the houses and building were white and blue. Although some of these houses were old, they looked very new and good to look at because of the colours. One place we visited was the most beautiful on the hill right next to the sea and we had Tunisian doughnuts (and they were very big). Delicious!

Before I returned home from Tunisia, I made sure I picked some juicy lemons and oranges to give to my grandmas and some for us to have.

You should visit Tunisia because there’s lots of sites to visit and the houses (including the inside) is decorative!

A Tunisian house in white and blue
Picking olives for pressing at the olive oil factory





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