Chronicles of Coronavirus – social isolation phase

I know you have all been hearing and been talking about the coronavirus these past few weeks. So you all know that life has changed and we are having to stay at home more than usual. Schools have had to be closed and most people haven’t been able to go to work because they have either got the virus and are in isolation or because their work places have been shut down. They may have had to start doing work at home.

Quite a lot of people have been worrying about supplies as the shipment coming from the countries especially China, are being very strict so as not to spread the virus. TOP TIP! Go to small corner shops (not TESCO, ASDA or Sainsbury’s) to hopefully find some loose packets of pasta or toilet roll. Also, because of these schools closing down and people going into isolation, hospitals are getting busy, staff are getting stressed and teachers are taking time to upload classwork online. Yup. We are NOT getting a free holiday.

So what is this coronavirus or covid-19? (See my brother’s previous blog for a simpler explanation!) The symptoms of coronavirus is very similar to flu, you can get a cough and a high temperature and also find it harder to breathe (if you think you have the virus or you have any symptoms listed, DO NOT go out but call 111 and go into self-isolation for 14 days. Only if you live on your own, you can self isolate for 7 days)

The main reason why these drastic measures are taking place is so that we don’t spread the virus even more than it already has. Covid-19 is contagious and is even life threatening for some groups of people. For example, the elderly or people with other health issues. For example, your grandparents are at possible high risk as are


people over 60. Children and adults who have health problems are at risk too.

BUT, there is a way to stop it. We need to keep washing our hands with warm water for 20 seconds. The more we keep clean and keep the nasty germs away the less time it will take for us to go back to doing our jobs and to go back to school. Try to keep away from large groups of people too like cinemas, restaurants and big parties. There will be lots more news coming up so keep on the lookout!

Maryam Shefaar




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