Coronavirus (covid19) is an illness that gives you a dry cough. It also gives you a fever and a runny nose. It’s contagious, which means that it spreads. People have been asked to wash their hands and not to touch other people and dirty things. The Prime Minister has said that this has been the worst thing that’s happened since World War II. He’s asked everyone to keep washing and not go to big gatherings.

After listening to Boris Jonson, a lot of people have started to wear masks, stopped going to sports events, and some people have started to go to the shops and get lots of supplies. In school, kids have been using the hand sanitiser and washing with water in the toilets. We had assemblies about covid19 and we were given information about keeping safe from the coronavirus.

Many children are worried about this situation. Their worry is that they are going to catch the virus and become ill. But if you keep washing and not touch other people you won’t catch it. Be helpful by giving people supplies and take medication. Also, don’t forget to pray.

By Ibrahim

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