My time at Cayley so far…

After the Christmas holiday, I moved to a new school. This blog is about my time at Cayley so far.

The name of my class is 4A and every year group’s classes are  A, B, and C. For example 4A ,4B and 4C. My teacher is Abu-Yusuf and there are others too. At Cayley so far, I go to assembly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  After Registration, we go to assembly at 9:10am. At break time, the staff give bagels in a box while children get in a line. After that, we have English and then it’s lunch time.

The chidren in my class welcomed me when I first came to the class by helping me do my work and also they were friendly to me.  My best friend is called A and we both play with each other every day.  My other friends are named Z, A, and A and we play tag and we just chat a lot about random things.

On Thursdays, we have music in the afternoon but before that my class and I use  the laptops. The music teacher comes in after that and teaches us to play the recorder. Most afternoons, we do Topic and my current topic is the Tudors and King Henry VIII. I go to swimming with another class to Mile End Leisure Centre.

Every Friday, we go to the Library in the afternoons. Each table in my class goes to the library at a time because we have topic at the same time. Also, on Friday for lunch, I would sometimes get chicken and rice, burger, or fish and chips. On Mondays, I eat meatballs, or meat spaghetti.

It has been impressive at Cayley so far, and I am looking forward to go to a trip.




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