Why should you play with lego?

I am writing this blog because I want to persuade you to play with lego. First of all, lego is a fun toy to play with. You can buy lego from the Lego shop, Westfield, Disney and they come with instructions. You can buy odd lego with any pieces and make anything you want. If  you know that your lego will break because it’s wobbly, then keep your instructions and you can make it again. Inside your lego box, there are spare lego pieces if you lose some of them.

Lego teaches you to follow instructfileions because every time I get lego, I copy the instructions. Sometimes you feel like giving up but no matter what, you still have to keep trying. When I was making an avengers set, it took me the whole day and night but I still didn’t give up. When I finished, I felt exhausted and happy as well.

The reason why I got into lego is because I like making things. My favourite lego is avengers. You can also order lego from the internet. You can make cars, animals, men, women and things that you can open and close. You can buy avengers lego, ninjago lego, and last of all lego friends.


By Ibrahim













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