Why you shouldn’t cut down trees!

I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t cut trees because people are cutting down too many trees!

Firstly, cutting down trees is bad. Also if you cut down trees, there will be bad air because inside them there are carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide and other gases are taken by the trees and if it mixes with the good air, it will become bad for the people. Trees also release oxygen and we need oxygen to breathe in. Secondly, the air is going to be dirty and the environment is going to be worse and the water will be mixed up with the dirty air. Also many animals will become extinct because they need the trees to survive.

You can also use trees to climb and GoApe!

Everyone  will get ill and global warming will happen, then many people might die. I predict that maybe they have cut over 1,500 trees or may be more. We need your help to save the environment  so everything will be back to normal. And I mean it, please can you help us!

If you help us you will  be able to breath properly and you won’t get ill. If you don’t want to die, don’t cut trees! However, global warming makes you very hot  and you want to get  hot and sweaty every day, do you?

Finally, if we can have our environment nice to breath in, we will be able to breathe in good air and  we will be able to stay  healthy because there will be no bad air. Search more on google why you shouldn’t cut down trees.

Blog by Ibrahim


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