Preparing for SATs!


I am going to talk about my time at Year 6 and preparation for SATs. I have been getting a lot of homework keeping me very busy. Subjects that I will have to study hard are English [reading & writing], grammar, punctuation & spellings, and maths. My favourite subject has actually become arithmetic as I didn’t like maths before! I am still better at English though (I think).

If you want to do well in SATs you need to do bit of revising and you need to make sure you finish your homework regularly. (I don’t think your teacher would be too happy if you didn’t do any of your homework!) In the Easter holidays, just a few weeks before the SATs most schools have Easter booster. All the teachers from Year 6 come and help us with the things we are struggling on and what we need to get good at while we are on our way to doing the SATs. The teachers told me it’s a very fun few sessions and every year everyone actually loves it. I can see why as only the Year 6 have the entire playground to themselves and that is good news for people who like playing football and having more space for games because normally everyone has to  share the playground!

Anyway, you will need to get organised and get good at the subjects you are doing. The way to do this is to make sure you listen to what your teacher says and use all the time you have. It’s not just about the marks you get but it’s also about what you have learnt at school and how you have improved from when you did the SATs in Year 2. It would also prepare you for secondary school where things will be a lot harder and you may need to know the things that you will have learnt for the SATs. Like when you are doing a maths problem and you have to add a few numbers up to do the question. In arithmetic, it makes you practice a lot on adding and subtracting.

Back to getting organised. Don’t leave your homework lying around your room and make sure you have a timetable so you can get it done. I normally keep everything either in my bag or in a box where I have a few extra things I will need to get me a few marks up. The other thing to do is to do a little bit of each subject everyday rather than loading it all on yourself in one go. For example, do a bit of reading, a bit of grammar and a bit of maths!

After all this, you do get a big, long break. It would be nearly the summer holidays and we would be taking down the things on the walls and going out to parks and there is of course the school residential to look forward to!

Yes, year 6 is is a lot about exams but it’s about having fun and making the most of your primary school. Go on, have fun and work hard!2018-08-11 19.11.12.jpg

Blog by Maryam


One thought on “Preparing for SATs!

  1. Sorry to see you looking worn out Maryam! Sounds like you have really thought about how you can do your best. I will send any anxious children to you for a calming chat. Just remember though, you are more than your results – everyone has many differing, wide and varied interests and talents and it’s always useful to have a passion for something too – to bring you joy! I am certain you and your classmates will do their best.


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