I Have a Dream

This is my dream speech for the future.

I have a dream one day different people around the world will have oak trees in their gardens reminding them of their strong bonds of brotherhood.

I have a dream for countries and cities to smell of flowers and not of tobacco, petrol and gas.

I have a dream that every citizen will play the drums in tune and respect each other’s rights.

I have a dream for children and adults alike to experience the taste of a fresh and juicy apple so that no one gets hungry.


I have a dream that materials of clothing and blankets will be soft and comfortable for every person who is homeless.

Written by Maryam.

With thanks to Yusuf who shared and taught about dreams and Martin Luther King for inspiration. You can watch his speech here:


7 thoughts on “I Have a Dream

  1. Thank you for your ideas Maryam, which were very heart warming. Have you heard of the Song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon? I was reminded of it by your ideas, as well as the famous speech by Doctor King.

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