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1024814-simpsons-creator-matt-groening-sued-domestic-lawsuitHello again!

I’m back with another blog for you to enjoy and possibly encourage you to do more of and take to the next level. I’m going to write about my first day at a few debating lessons I had. If you have read any of my other blogs, I said in one of them that I would come back to talking about my debating classes and I always keep a promise. Okay! Now I will share with you my first day at my debating lessons.

My Recount of My Debating Lessons

In October, I started going to debating classes. I had only four of them and they are still going on now. If you continue to read, I will share a few basic tips that I learnt in my time there and what I experienced on my first day.

On my first day, I was very nearly late due to transport closure and ghastly weather. It was raining cats and dogs which slowed my brother, my mum and my dad down. We were aiming to go by train but because it was closed, we had to go by bus and then train. Eventually, I arrived at South Kensington and the last thing that I had to do was a rather long walk to Imperial College, part of the University of London. I am told, it is one of the top universities in London! As it is in the city area, it was a busy place to be rushing to a place we had never been to and finding the place was very tricky because Imperial is very big and has lots of parts to it (called campuses I think).

In the end, I got there at just the right time and had settled myself down before the teacher had spoken to the whole class. Hardly anybody knew who was who, so as any class would do, we had to all introduce ourselves. We were all given sheets of paper to write a few things about ourselves. After a few minutes of doing that, we all had to say it out to the 14 -15 children in the class. I shared my name, my favourite food and that I am a scout.

Each Saturday I went, we had a different teacher. The first one I had was called Doctor B. McDonald. I forgot what his first name is but I know that it begins with the letter ‘B’. The first part was a bit of role play where Dr. McDonald and another volunteer pretended they were in a lift. We talked about different feelings and personal space and also how the other person may not want to speak to you but how facial expressions can express those different feelings. We were then told to draw different faces and write down the feelings of them beneath. This second part had a bit more writing involved. We picked a topic [I chose the environment] and wrote about how either it is a problem or if it should be banned. I said that the environment is not being looked after properly and is causing a problem to society and the wildlife (and to the world as a whole). I felt that this was a good topic because there is a lot to talk about and many points can be made, disagreed about and agreed about. To give us a bit of a boost, we read the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech by Martin Luther King to write our own speeches. We had to include a few things that he used and add it to our speech. With that, my first day was done. You can read some of my debating tips below!

I hope you enjoyed that and if you want anymore, be sure to write a comment below. Also, if you have any other ideas for me to write about include that too.


  • Speak as clearly and loudly as you can
  • Be sure to state your point clearly
  • Make it sound persuasive
  • Go with a positive attitude
  • Don’t make it sound boring.
  • Make it sound strong and as though you really believe your point should be heard.

[If you want, to keep the audience engaged, include a funny bit or two.]







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