Dinosaurs and why I like them and facts about them

I’m writing this blog because I am interested in dinosaurs. I learnt about dinosaurs at the natural history museum, school and the books I have at home. I was first interested in dinosaurs when I was  about  two. Dinosaurs lived 165 million years ago and they died because meteorites fell on the earth and it blocked the sun and the dinosaurs ate plants that were bad. This blog is about three dinosaurs that are my favourite.

I  like Allosaurus  because  they are scary and I  like scary dinosaurs. A fact is  that  Allosaurus is a meat-eater. It sometimes  tries to scare off other Allosauruses.

Now I  am going  to  move  on  to   Oviraptors . I like Oviraptors  because they’re  cheeky   and I  am cheeky!  A fact  is that Oviraptors liked to steal other dinosaur eggs. Did  you know that  a person  is  bigger than an Oviraptor?

Next I am  going to move on to Gigantoraptors. I like Gigantoraptors  because  I  like  big dinosaurs and Gigantoraptors are

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big. A fact about Gigantoraptors  is  that  they stay on  their eggs for 80 days and a person can’t stay on there for that long. My next  fact is that Gigantoraptor is  very very big.

I hope you liked my blog about dinosaurs. Please ask me any questions about them and I will let you know more facts.

By Ibrahim


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