Why I should go to my school residential


Today I’m going to write a persuasive letter addressed to my parents so they would allow me to join the school residential. This school journey is to the Isle of Wight in June 2019 and I obviously really want to go with my friends in my year group! It would be the most amazing trip to be doing a range of activities with them.

If you want to go to an outdoor journey overnight or you want to persuade someone to allow you to have a pet [or something of that sort] then read on to maybe achieve some inspiration….

Dear mum and dad,

I am writing to request your permission to go to the Isle of Wight school residential next year. Understanding that you will [of course] need reasons and persuasion to allow me to attend this without you, I have taken my time to write a letter explaining why I should be allowed to go. Hoping for a truly fantabulous, amazing and altogether fun time, I write to beseech you desperately but hopefully you will be convinced by my very convincing points.

Firstly, I should [would like to] attend my school residential to the Isle of Wight because this will help my communication skills. I would most likely be working with different groups, people and genders. I will also have to show teamwork and co-operation and try to be myself.  For example, the abseiling and climbing. Sometimes, you pick a partner and the climber is being bee-layed by the other person.The bee layer is the person who pulls a rope to help you climb. You will need to communicate with each other and when you want to get down, the other person needs to hear you to pull you down. Another way that will help me develop this skill is teamwork like tug of war! You never know what I might do and tug of war may be one of them. In this activity, everybody in your team need to share tips with each other and make sure that everyone knows what they’re doing. The aim is to pull as hard as you can with a rope and pull until you reach over a certain point.With this, your teammates need to be in a certain order and encouragement will need to be put in as well. While you are pulling and heaving, there will definitely be a lot of shouting and so that makes it harder for everyone to concentrate. That would mean that you need to make sure that everybody knows beforehand what they need to do to win. I won’t be a sheep following other people in the wrong way but I will make sure I’m loud enough for people to hear me and make sure I really get involved into the different games and activities. This would be an opportunity to put my debating lessons (more about that another day) to use! I implore you to allow me to attend because when I grow up, and go to work, I will probably need to talk and mix with other people.

Secondly, I will show my knowledge of safety and get better at it. As I will be with my school teachers and fellow pupils, the staff will not only be looking at me, but possibly over 60 children! I will show you and believe me I will, that I can listen to my teachers, follow the golden rules [(1) listen carefully to others] and be mature enough to go on a residential with my school, without my family as a year 6 student [ in my opinion, that sounds important]. The maturity bit I can show you over the next few months through my effort in my education and when I visit other people. This can be when I have to give in my homework, you can check to see I am improving and not just rushing through it. You will know if I have been safe when I come home with any broken limbs, any calls home to say I’d been in an accident or a stern word from my teacher saying I misbehaved badly. This I’m sure you do not want to hear! I urge you to read attentively to everything I am saying here or you will not be able to make your final decision. This is as important a decision as a normal old residential when you are going with a parent. Is it not?

Thirdly, [yes I have yet another reason] I will be enjoying it while I’m there and thinking about how other people can’t have this. Not many people have this kind of fantastic opportunity. The fun bit would probably be with my friends and when we spend the whole day just letting of steam and letting the adrenaline in me flow out. It could be anything that I can have fun doing like building a raft and putting it on water. I know lots of people love that and I know because I’ve been on it myself! Although I have been on  residentials before, it will be an even bigger opportunity if I am able to go to this one. I am sure you don’t want me to come home all sad and mopey. Won’t it sadden you too? Surely you want me to come home with my face as bright as the sun full of stories to tell and joys to bring? This all leads to a bit of FUN! Every child has a right to have some fun and be free once or twice everyday. It is an important part of our health to be outside and running free. Nobody has a right to say that we can’t. It would be like breaking the law. I’m being as honest as a meerkat who is coming to report back to it’s pack here because it is a very serious matter. Rights are important and should not be said no to! On top of that, you don’t want me to bottle up my childish energy and unleash it in very important places or when I visit other people do you? That will be quite embarrassing for you and leave me with a miserable face.

In my opinion, these are all very significant and thought out reasons but this is for you to decide. Imagine you are a child now and you really want to go to the school residential. When you were younger did you get a chance to go on a trip overnight? What would you want to do? Now that your child is going, do you want them to take the chance to?Please, please, please think carefully and responsibly. I hope this persuades you to allow me to attend my school residential for 3 nights without you.

Yours faithfully,


Readers! Whoever wants to take inspiration from this, please feel free to do so. I hope this helps you to get your parents to maybe even get you a hamster! I don’t know. But anyway, if you found this letter helpful, be sure to give me some feedback. 20170817_164049.jpg

Written by Maryam



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