My Trip to Chester Zoo

In this holiday, I travelled to Chester and I visited a zoo.

First, we got on a train called the Monorail and  it was very fun. Next, we went to see some animals and we saw three black rhinos and they were eating some straws. After we saw the black rhinos, we passed by a colony of  penguins. Suddenly, from up above in the sky, something plopped on my head! When we looked up, we say a flock of birds and we knew it was them! (Mummy thought it was the penguins, but it was actually the birds)

Finally, after a long walk around the zoo, we walked over to an island and watched the a sun bear and a cub who were being fed their lunch.

But we didn’t see the Samaritan tigers because the zoo was nearly closed. The best thing I saw was the sun bears because the baby was cute. My other best thing was seeing the different monkeys because I like bananas and they like bananas. Next time in the holidays, I would like to stay at home and go to the park.

By IbrahimIMG_7042.JPG




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