Oldest Mosque in Africa – Egypt part 3

Hello/Marhaban again everyone!

Today I will be talking a20180803_180029bout my visit to the Mosque of Amr Ibn Al Aas. This is where Muslims gather to pray.What’s special about this mosque?It is the oldest mosque in the whole of Africa! It was built in 641 AD. I had to go on an hour’s drive through Cairo’s busy roads to get to this particular mosque, so I was pretty famished. When I went in, I was under a roof but as I walked on, I was in a courtyard that had a big dome in the middle. Now, if you were in a really old mosque in another country, what would you do? Take pictures! I took lots of photos and sat down on the prayer mats.

It was definitely an experience of being in an ancient environment and I hope that people who are reading this try to visit (people from other religions and those who don’t follow a religion visit it too!).

How to get there? By car. Uber or Careem can take you there.

Family? Anyone can go there.

Dress code? Modest clothing. 

Rating: 6/10                                                    



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