Ain Sokhna near the Red Sea – Egypt Part 2


We went on a beach holiday to Ain Sokhna. It is a town in Egypt, near the Red Sea. First, a man showed us to a hotel, which was very nice. Also, we could see water springs, mountains and the sea from balcony of the hotel. We went to the beach and had a lot of fun and later we went on a boat ride in the Red Sea. I was really excited because there were very nice views and I was wearing a life-jacket. I enjoyed eating sausages, pan cakes, drinking red juice that tasted like cranberry. Finally, I had fun in the swimming pool and tried to swim in the deep side. Maybe we can go there again….. 

By Ibrahim




One thought on “Ain Sokhna near the Red Sea – Egypt Part 2

  1. Hey Ibrahim, looks like you had a really lovely time at the beach. I bet you had a water fight with Maryam!


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